"Into the Outrim Void" is a Traveller campaign set in Trojan Reach Sector. This campaign uses Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition rules. The setting was largely chosen because of the wealth of campaign materials available from Mongoose, but also for a few other reasons.

The majority of this campaign group has been playing various incarnations of Traveller starting with the classic edition of the game back in the early 80s. We graduated to MegaTraveller and eventually T:NE, flirted with the idea of playing GURPS Traveller but never did so, and rather abruptly dropped out of the game for about 20 years to raise families, build careers, live our lives. And now we're back and we have some new blood in the group.

The old group travelled the mains of the Spinward Marches, adventured on Terra and the Solomani Rim, ran a mercenary company in Deneb Sector, and dabbled in a few other far-future locales as well, so taking a dip in the vaunted Trojan Reach is a welcome new frontier for us.

I will use this page to provide the group with campaign materials, synopses of their adventures, and other resources material. It's primarily for the players, but the adventures and other collateral posted here are for guests to enjoy as well.

Ad Astra!

Into the Outrim Void

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