Into the Outrim Void

Traveller creation

The crew is born

Our first session was almost entirely spent creating the players' characters. Character creation in Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition is a mini-game in and of itself. Selecting homeworlds, establishing connections between characters, dealing with mishaps and life events, and beginning to build contacts, allies,  enemies, and rivals for each traveller is a time-consuming (but fun!) task.

Finally we established that they would share a starship. The majority owner selected an Empress Marava-class far trader. An excellent choice. It's designed to combine the responsibilities of pilot and astrogator into one crew slot and is armed with two dual laser turrets, which should come in handy in the wild frontier of Trojan Reach sector. I'm looking forward to the christening of the ship and our second session which starts out on the world of Albe:

The travellers, ready to embark upon their careers as interstellar adventurers, find themselves on Albe/Trojan Reach (2211-A540A98–E), a high-tech, high-population desert world with a less than sunny disposition.

During their approach to the planet they see the impressive orbital starport, bustling with the typical array of traders, scouts, patrol cruisers, and system defense boats. At the edge of the starport, there are dozens of large starships under construction, most ranging in size from 1,000 to 5,000 tons.

The desolate landscape of Albe is apparent from space. The planet is home to 20 billion people, living out their daily existence in a hostile, overcrowded environment.  Most of the planet is covered by urban centers, industrial complexes, and sealed agricultural facilities. 

Albe is at the spinward edge of the Imperium, just within its borders. It hangs on the precipice of the frontier…


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